Boss Lady Canva Planner Template


Get organized. Get focused. Take action today and achieve your goals!

This Canva blog planner will help you jumpstart your plans for the year in a much more organized way. With all the hoopla’s of life, it’s hard to keep track of what to do and how much progress are you making in completing your tasks.

Not only is this planner oh so convenient but it is also Insta-worthy! Going through your day will become so much easier. You don’t need a big ol’ whiteboard to remind you of your to-do lists because all you need is this handy planner to be your new bestie. You’ll be more inspired to ticking off every checklist for the day and be motivated to start tomorrow with fresh and fun outlooks.

It contains 50 pages of designs for you to plan all sorts of affairs, from your daily lists to monthly goals and projects. Everything is polished with love and professionally-designed with the most gorgeous elements too. And just to make your every day a lot cheery, there are meaningful quotes and sayings scattered around the pages.


1- Cover Page
12-Monthly Covers with motivational quotes
1 monthly calendar
1 notes (can be duplicated several times)
1 blog strategy page
1 blog post page
1 blog post monthly overview
1 checklist page
1 financial planner page
1 guest blog post page
1 budget planner page
2 marketing planner page
3 my daily planner for achieving goals
3 monthly goal
1 monthly plan
2 weekly post planner
1 blog post guide
2 productivity planner page
1 meeting planner page
1 financial planner
2 time management page
2 two week plan
1 username and password page
1 yearly goals page
1 task chart page
1 task schedule
1 task list
1 analytics page
1 revenue tracker page
1 affiliates page


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