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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a small business, chances are that you have lots of time-consuming tasks that you’d rather not be doing. In fact, many tasks are probably taking time away from focusing on the more mission-critical aspects of your work, yet they simply need to be done. For many professionals, a virtual assistant is a great solution. Let’s take a look at the reasons you should hire a virtual assistant. 

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Improved Productivity

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is the ability to see gains in productivity. Virtual assistants are able to tackle the more tedious tasks that don’t require your attention, leaving you to focus on things that you would consider more productive in nature. 

Many people who hire virtual assistants find that the decision frees up a great amount of time to devote to important tasks such as expanding the business, interfacing with clients, or engaging in best practices. In this sense, virtual assistants can allow you to great improve how you focus on your work. 

Financial Savings

This may seem like a surprising reason to hire a virtual assistant. After all, how can spending money save you money? The financial savings here are in comparison to hiring an administrative assistant on your payroll. By hiring a virtual assistant instead, you’ll save some major costs. 

Since virtual assistants are independent contractors, you only pay them for the time they spend on tasks. This is in comparison to an employee on payroll which would accrue pay, taxes, sick days and holidays, and costs of benefits. Virtual assistants are a great way to streamline your staffing expenses. 

Scalable to Your Needs

One of the biggest reasons to hire a virtual assistant is that you can scale their work to your needs. Need someone to complete tasks roughly 10 hours a week? It will be easy to find a virtual assistant for this as many will often work for several employers in the course of a week. 

Conversely, are you planning on growing your business? It’s easy to increase the hours or number of virtual assistants that you utilize. This solution provides a high degree of flexibility for businesses undergoing growth or those that have more seasonal needs. 

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Hire the Skills You Need

If you get tired of training new staff or sorting through resumes to find people to do the critical jobs you need accomplished, hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to ensure you get quality output. Whether you need someone to sort through leads, handle e-mail correspondence, or do periodic social media work, you’ll find a virtual assistant with these skills. 

This means you can spend less time on training and rely on the proven expertise of people who have experience doing the things that you need in your organization. The scope of work of virtual assistants tends to vary significantly from industry to industry, which contributes to this benefit. 

Add Needed Flexibility

Most staff that you hire in your office have fairly standard hours, such as 9 – 5. However, virtual assistants provide greater flexibility. If you need evening work, it is easy to find someone to work those hours. Instead of assigning eight-hour shifts, have your assistant work at the times your business needs. This is much easier to do with a virtual staff member. 

 Scheduling a virtual assistant to work at the time when you most need them is one of the perks of hiring one. Virtual assistants don’t only bring versatility in terms of tasks they can do but also in when they can work.

Numerous Pools of Experts

There are an immense amount of untapped talents. Numerous skilled virtual assistants with diverse backgrounds and advanced education are available to work for you.

Balance between work and personal life

Burnout is always a possibility in a typical workplace atmosphere due to gossip and politics. However, VAs / virtual assistants have the ability to operate independently and report directly to you or another designated Supervisor who may be located thousands of miles away, avoiding the possibility of social contact concerns.

Innovative business concepts from a variety of backgrounds

Each virtual assistant bring unique skills and knowledge to the table, bringing a unique perspective to the organization.

You will only pay for the work done

As a company owner, it may be very challenging to increase production while decreasing expenditures. There will be moments when you will need every bit of assistance possible, but there will also be periods when you will have nothing to do. For instance, with a normal employee, you must pay the whole week’s compensation regardless of whether they work the full 40 hours.

In actuality, you’re going to need their services for at least half of this period. That is where virtual assistant comes in – you pay just for the task that is completed. You may employ when you need work and specify the hours they will work each day or week to complete the job. You can always measure output per hour by utilizing time tracking software or simply by comparing the number of hours spent to the output.

Utilize Virtual Assistant Services to Supplement Your Competence in Certain Areas

As an entrepreneur, you may feel incompetent in some parts of your firm. This might be anything from project management to inventory management to concept execution. Because virtual assistants possess a breadth of experience, they may provide helpful feedback on how to enhance your services. This might include suggestions on ways to improve customer service, new technology for improved inventory management, or novel approaches to email processing.

Final Thoughts 

If you have been on the fence about whether or not to hire a virtual assistant, these are some of the benefits you can attain from beginning to work with one. Saving time and money are important for any business while virtual assistants will also add flexibility to your organization and allow you to scale the position to your needs. 

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