Many platforms can earn you an online income. For instance, Pinterest is a site that greatly drives traffic and sales, and these are what you need. However, must you have a blog to make money with Pinterest? Fortunately, this is not necessarily the case; you can still monetize on the platform without a blog. Please keep reading to find out the various ways how to achieve this.

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Consider Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making money with Pinterest without a blog. It is the secret to earning an online income on Pinterest even without a blog. So, what does affiliate marketing involve? There is a recommendation of a product or service to family and friends, and you do this by sending them a referral link. When they pay for the product, you get a commission from the company.

Therefore, you become an affiliate to the company when you get them new customers, a process that earns you a commission. Importantly, this is applicable when the particular product runs an affiliate program. Nonetheless, choosing a niche, you are interested in will make it easier for you to choose an affiliate program to join.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a blog. Rather, with a Pinterest account, the necessary affiliate links and the pins, you are good to go. So, with all the three, what do you do? First, you need to create a pin, then add the affiliate link to the URL space and spread the pin across the platform. Remember, Pinterest does not pay you for affiliate marketing, but the affiliate program does.

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Selling Physical Products

This is another great way of making money with Pinterest. When you have the physical products to sell, e.g. toys, furniture, electronics, clothes, beauty items, mugs, handmade products, you will need to create Pinterest graphics and use these to direct traffic to your product’s sales page. Once a Pinterest user purchases your product, you will make money.

To create more awareness about your products, you can consider Pinterest marketing. This way, you use the platform for business. Importantly, have a strategy for achieving this; it could even be consistent pinning. Nonetheless, as much as it is possible to make money with Pinterest selling products without a blog, your internet presence is key.

Therefore, ensure you have a space for your business by having a store on another platform. You can work with Etsy or Amazon. With these, you can easily sell your products on Pinterest. Remember to create captivating pins for linking your products to other sites for sale, have keywords in your headlines, or use any strategy for Pinterest marketing to get your products to the buyers.

Selling Digital Products

Do you have digital products from e-books, calendars, timetables, digital courses, planners, printables, templates, worksheets, and digital art? Pinterest provides a room for you to make money selling them even when you do not have a blog.

Additionally, digital products are way more convenient than physical products in their creation and selling. You won’t need to store them or pay any shipping fee. Furthermore, you only need to create a single product to generate the rest of the sales. Remember, creating a digital product largely depends on what skills you possess. Once you know the area you are skilled and knowledgeable in, you will find it easier to make a digital product in that line.

Selling Your Services

Selling products on Pinterest is possible. Similarly, you can make money with Pinterest by selling your services. Can you offer plumbing, bookkeeping, auditing, consulting, coaching, interior design, graphic design, or tax services, among others? Wait no more, as you have a chance of making an online income with Pinterest. All you have to do is create appealing pins that will attract customers interested in the services you offer. Remember, Pinterest is a great platform for leads.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Are you a stay at home mom or dad? Are you looking for a side hustle? Are you a retiree? Or do you simply want to top up your normal income? If you are well-organized, diligent in whatever you do, proficient with Pinterest, have good communication skills, are self-driven, ready and prepared to keep up with Pinterest updates, you can make money by becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant. This is a very flexible and fun way of getting an online income.

So, as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, what does your work involve?

You will need to pin to the platform and manage your clients’ accounts to ensure they meet their goals. Remember, there are millions of Pinterest users, and no doubt there are several companies ready to outsource work, and this is where you will come in handy. You can help them perform tasks like setting up and optimizing their business accounts, setting up and scheduling pins, creating pin graphics, and writing their keywords and compelling headlines.

So, be on the lookout for podcasts, blogs, creatives, and e-commerce stores that require the services of a Pinterest virtual assistant. Your pay can be hourly or monthly. Also, signing up for a Pinterest VA course will help you grow your Pinterest account without a blog and get paid in helping others grow theirs.

Do Promotions

In this case, there is a brand you work with. You will then need to promote its product. It can approach you and request you create a pin that creates awareness of their product or service and generates sales. This means they will give you a link to the landing page of whatever it is they want you to promote for them. However, your Pinterest account must have a high amount of views so you can have a higher number of clicks on the brand’s landing page.


As you have seen, it is possible to make money with Pinterest even when you do not have a blog. Like any other way of getting an online income, you will need internet access, a computer or other devices like a phone or tablet, and a product or service to sell. What’s more, remember you have to make an effort and spend time to make it a success. Importantly, using Pinterest marketing is important to create awareness to a larger audience and increase traffic and sales.

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