A look back at 2021! Oooh. A catastrophic year. A year full of losses and gains. A year that pushed many of us out of our comfort zone especially to starting new things. Yes, that’s exactly what it has been for me. Before 2021 I had written down some of what I would love to achieve:

  • Increase my online earnings.
  • Starting a website of my own showing others how to have an online income.
  • Launch two Digital Course (“Fear of Failure”  and  “Breakthrough To Growth & Success”)
  • Being promoted to another team at work
  • Put more into my monthly savings and closing out atleast one of my loans

Increasing My Online Earnings

I am happy to say that I was able to achieve all of the above (though I still have alot more work and researching to do) and little did I know what was coming before the year ends but I will talk about that later on in this post 🙂.

So as it relates to online earning, I had already started my journey with freelancing through Fiverr. You can read my post here on how my journey started. Increasing my earnings online for me meant I would have to research on other things I could do to generate income and teach myself to do so. It also meant late nights and sometimes less sleep. So the majority of my free time was spent researching and watching YouTube videos. With all of this, revamped my Fiverr gigs so they could get more views and clicks and possible orders. Yes, orders started coming in and some I had to decline because it was too much for me.

However, it was not all roses because there were months with little or no orders. It got even worst, I have been demoted 2 or 3 times from a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr.

I must admit, it was frustrating but I always tell myself, a quitter IS NOT who I am. So I continue to push through it all. After a while, my monthly orders started coming back in. I even got an order from a doctor in Singapore and a doctor in the UK. Below are their reviews:

It was great working with them even though UK time had me losing sleep at times 🤦 However, once I have a goal to achieve, I’ll do the extreme to accomplish that goal. After that, I started receiving more orders, completed them and soon enough, I was back at Level 1 Seller, still am but working my way up to Top Rated. Apart from Fiverr, I also signed up for Upwork and got 2 jobs on it so far. Below is one of my review:

Overall, I have made over $2,000USD working online which is a little over $300,00JMD (Jamaican Dollars) 🙂🙂 This had really helped me with my monthly bills, some daily spending and being able to close out one of my loans. I’m very much thankful 💃💃

Starting My Website

This website you are on “” Brea-kin Barriers”, I started this website in January 2021. Thank God for YouTube, I was able to set up my website myself 🙂 My main reason for starting this website is to share with persons how to have an online income and maximize their income. Not only that, it is to also serve as a medium to share my own journey in the online working world to encourage persons who want to venture in and those who have already started to keep pushing to the top.

If you want to start a website like mine, you can do so through Bluehost. My partnership with Bluehost will give my subscribers and visitors a 56% discount on starting their website and 1 year free domain.

So start your website today and Break Some Barriers 🙂. If you want to know how to start a blog, you can read my post 7 Steps To Start A Successful Blog and you can get the ebook delivered right to your email.

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    Launching my own Digital Course

    In July 2021 I was able to launch my online Digital Course “Your Breakthrough To Growth & Success”. Having gone through some difficult time of my life and sometimes being asked by persons how is it I do what I do, how do I manage to keep pushing. I decided to create the course so as to help someone else who has found themself in the “abyss” that I have fallen into many times and had to fight hard to take myself out of. Although, I have no sign-ups for the course as yet, at least it’s a start and I am very proud of myself for what I have created as it took more than 6 months to design.

    You can click here to have a look.

    If you feel like you need a little push start to just start something new for 2022 because of fear that you may fail and will not achieve the access you wish for, feel free to check out my free course “Fear of Failure: stifling your success”. The course was created to enlighten persons on one of the greatest fears that have been torturing us humans, “The Fear of failure.

    Promotion To Another Team

    Now, after all the accomplishments that I have achieved so far, I never knew it would get even better. In August 2021 I was promoted to another team which became effective September 2021. I must admit though, at first I was adamant that I didn’t want to take up that role because of the amount of work that has to be done and I thought it was just “too much”. But then I looked back and said to myself that I have always wanted the opportunity to move up and out of the team I was in and the opportunity to earn a little more to sustain myself and my family. It then dawned on me that maybe, just maybe this is MY BLESSING that I have been asking for so why let it go.

    After that, I took the time out in learning all I could for that role. I accepted it and here I am from a Customer Care Representative to a Premium Corporate Care Executive. Yes, it is a lot of work. Yes, there are good days and bad days and yes sometimes the pressure is way up BUT quitting is never an option for me in this life. I love the experience of getting to know persons in various companies and making valuable connections. Experiences and connections that I can actually carry with me to any other organization.

    Closing Out One of My Loans & Increasing My Monthly Savings

    Another thing I must say I am extremely thankful for was the ability to close out one of my loans and increase the amount I put into savings each month. It is just a great feeling when you can have more of your salary to yourself and not having the majority of it going into BILS. I say BILLS because its something many if not all of us wish we didn’t have. LOL. but that will never happen.

    The amount I used to pay for that loan, I put it towards my saving and sometimes some for the other loans. Closing out one of my loans and receiving that promotion has also given me the opportunity to give more to my parents like I have always wanted to. The look on their faces and sound in the voice Christmas 2021 made really feel like, Yes! Yes! I can do this, I can really do this. And I know it will get better.

    So those are my accomplishments for 2021. Yes, there is more bad but I’m not going to focus much on the bad but all the good that has happened. The more good you focus on, the more good you’ll see coming your way. Give to the universe what you want it to give to you in return.

    Below are two videos created automatically by my my phone. These are some of the persons I’m very much happy to have in my life and a few more but they are not in the videos 🙂

    2021 in Review.

    July 16- My Birthday 😊

    Love these videos so I had to share 😊😊.

    What was 2021 like for you? What are you grateful for? I would love to hear them all in the comment section below. 😊 Also, if you have anything in mind you would like me to write about, please let me know in the comment section.

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    Alecia Hall

    Hi, I am Alecia Hall, the creater of “Brea-kin Barriers” and I am from St. Mary Jamaica. I have been a Customer Service Representative at Digicel Jamaica for over 4 years and started working as a Virtual Assistant on Fiverr in February 2020.

    I have gained customers from the US, UK, Hong Kong, Barbados & my very own, Jamaica. Some of my tasks as a Virtual Assistant includes proofreading & editing, data entry, research, transcribing, handling emails, and more.

    I started this website “Brea-kin Barriers” to offer several benefical services to my readers which includes:

    Inspirational quotes and reflections
    How to earn additional income online
    My Virtual Assistant Services
    An online Course: Your Breakthrough To Growth & Success: Shattering all negative barriers
    And a step by step guide on How To Start a Blog

    The term breaking barriers is something that I am very passionate about and I love to see persons rising to the surface, “shattering the glass ceiling” as they start to grow until they have reached success. I am one known for always encouraging others and is reliable when it comes on to motivation.

    My favourite quote that I live by is “The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure to the end”.

    The fastest one does not always win the race and the battle does not necessarily mean it’s for the strong. After all, I believe that sometimes you have to through a dark tunnel and sometimes life has to throw you lots of lemons before you can get grapes to make wine.

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