So,  today I want to share with you a little about the day I landed my first gig on Fiverr.  I know that the pandemic has taken a toll on many of us.  Many people have lost their jobs and are seeking ways in which they can earn some income especially from the comfort of their homes. As such,  covid-19 has forced even more persons to seek jobs in the online world where persons will be able to be closer to their families, especially their children. 

I must say,  the task of finding online jobs,  especially the right one, can be daunting for a lot of people. Some have spent weeks and even months searching but they are yet to land their first online job. This is the reason  many have stopped searching because the doubts, lack of confidence, lack faith and hope have crept in. Their mindset becomes blocked.

You may be one of them that have lost hope but I’m here to tell you that it is possible. YOU CAN LAND YOUR FIRST GIG so let me tell you my story.

In the year of 2018, it was a challenging year for me as I had started University and of course there’s tuition to be paid. On top of that, the bills were just running after me. There was rent, electricity, water, grocery, loans and sometimes doctor bills. A co-worker of mine who knew my situation told me that there are freelancing websites that I could start working on and she mentioned that she heard Fiverr was a great platform to do freelance work on. I believe she also mentioned Upwork, but I had already known about Upwork. Anyways, if I am remembering correctly, a few days later, I went on Fiverr and started creating my account.

While creating my account,  for my username,  I didn’t even use my real name.  I use my Alias name which didn’t matter really but the real reason I didn’t use my actual name is because I was having doubts about myself ever earning a dollar on Fiverr. I have seen where persons have earned thousands of dollars but I did not believe that I, Alecia Hall could earn as well. 

I did not put the effort in fully researching how to set up my Fiverr account or even use YouTube to help me in the process. As such, I found the process to be very challenging at that time and some of it even seemed like gibberish to me. So you know what happened? I forgot about Fiverr altogether and called it quits. Yep, you read that right. (Covers face)

Fast forward to the year 2020. though the entire year was not peaches and roses, lol. Good things did happen I must admit. In February 2020, I can’t recall the exact date but I believe the first week of February, the company that I am working for (5 years now), had us attend a Personal Development workshop that was hosted by the great, Dee Hutchinson. For me she is an awesome individual because she empowers us women and even men too, to create beautiful masterpieces from ourselves. Read on.

In the Personal Development Workshop, Dee spoke to us about limiting beliefs and how they are actually holding us back from being successful in the various areas of our lives such as our business/career, our finances, personal growth etc. The limiting beliefs that many of us have are what is actually hindering us from achieving our goals some of these she mentioned included :

  • Success is for other people
  • It will be hard
  • I can’t make money
  • I won’t be able to see things through

Many of us including myself have all of those limiting beliefs mentioned above, stuck in our heads and that is the reason I quit easily when I started out in creating my account on Fiverr. 

She also mentioned that we need to clear our minds of can’t and I am imploring you to do the same as well. Clear. Your Mind. of. CAN”T ! She also has a thing to say: we need to cut the crap. Let me tell you. That day was my wake up call. Her words have stuck with me and they do linger on in my head since that day. She is definitely on my list of role models that I look up to and I am constantly using her words to motivate me in pushing harder. 

So one Sunday on February 16th, 2020 which was a little over a week after I attended the personal development session, I was laying down on my bed. I got up and said to myself that I am going to earn my first dollar. So I signed into my Fiverr account that I had already started creating, I did some more research and watched some YouTube videos to assist me in fully setting up my account. At that time, I tried my best to maintain my confidence, a clear mind and blocked out all negative things from creeping in my head.

To my surprise,  it wasn’t so difficult anymore to set up my account and I went on to create my gigs, about three or four at the time. You wouldn’t believe what happened next… I got my first message from a buyer who wanted a Virtual Assistant that was always available so I responded and then what came next was an order yes you read that right !!  Within 24 hours of fully setting up my account, I got my first order. Below are the screenshots.

Below is a screenshot when I received the message for my first order:

Below is the screenshot of my review upon delivery for my first order:

You may have a look at my Fiverr profile here

I was so elated upon landing my first gig and delivering on time then I remembered what Dee had said about clearing our minds of can’t. Three days after that, February 19th to be exact, I had my second customer and that was Dee Hutchinson herself. Yes! Yes! Yes!. When I saw the notification and opened up the message, I was literally shaking and cried. She made an order for me to proofread and edit her book.

All this time I used to doubt earning a dollar on Fiverr but look at me. That personal development session really opened my mind. So I always tried my best to maintain my confidence in whatever I am doing and clear my mind of can’t

I must be honest with you that the road was not always easy. The struggles came along the way and sometimes I cried but I managed to pick myself up. However there were days I got so many order requests that I had to turn some of them down but still I was thankful. I am also thankful for Dee for through her session (which I will always remember), I am able to “cut the crap” when I am slacking off. 

I share this with you to say that if I was able to, you can do it too. It may not be with Fiverr but any other platform in the online working world. What resonated with me through her session, I am leaving it with you as well:

“Cut the crap, clear your mind of can’t and all those limiting beliefs and watch yourself do what you thought you could not do”.

If you would like to create a Fiverr account, you can do so by clicking here.

You can also check out other freelance websites in my post “Freelancing Platforms & Jobs”. 

Dee Hutchinson is an international executive, entrepreneur and is also the CEO of Dee is for Digital. Feel free to check out her website here


    1. You’re welcome. Just believe in yourself hon. You may not learn everything at once but as you learn, you take action.

      Just try not to let procrastination set in 😊😊

  1. So true! I am still really new to learning web design but I definately know I need to set myself a timeline of THIS IS THE TIME I JUMP. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!

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