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Who would not like to get more partner deals, yet not every person has sufficient information to get this going.

You don’t need to be forgotten about as once you apply the strategies provided in this article, you ought to have the option to make more affiliate sales as a genius affiliate marketer.

This guide is your go-to asset for any niche to increase your affiliate commissions and get more cash in your ledger. These strategies are time-demonstrated and doesn’t necessarily need much time to execute.

1. Use call to action buttons:

A lot of us create an article with the goal of making affiliate sale but those affiliate links are hard to be found. One thing that you need to understand is, a majority of your readers scan the article and they click on which is prominent.

Using call to action buttons can help your readers spot the action item clearly, and thus you will start getting more CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and hence conversion.

WordPress has an in-built feature to add call to action button which is by the name “Button”.

So in the picture above, you would click on the plus sign in the block section on the page you are writing your article. Once the box pops up you can select browse all and select the option “buttons” or you can just type the word button as shown in the photo above.

As shown in the second photo above, that is how your action button will look like. You can also change the colour of the button and the button and the writing to make it more appealing to your readers.

In the event that you are showing any type of discounts or coupons on your blog, you should utilize the Affiliate coupon plugin. This has an element called snap to uncover which is utilized by many top affiliate marketers to significantly increase their sales and commissions.

2. Using tables:

Utilizing a table is another simple method to get more clicks for your affiliate links, maximizing your chances of getting a sale. Particularly, on the off chance that you are making bullet point articles, you can add a distinguished table anywhere at the top of your article for more clicks.

In addition, the table also assists readers with the comparison of items in an absorbable manner. WordPress likewise has an in-constructed table element that you can use to add a table.

3. Use exit intent pop-up banners:

Using exit intent banners can help you to ger more clicks and even result in a conversion.

Below is an example of what an exit intent banner looks like:

This pop up actually uses the AIDA format which is attention, interest, desire and action. The term exit-intent means that a pop up will present itself on your website when your visitor is about to leave by selecting the “x” button.

4. Constantly be on the search for new offers:

Strive to be the first blogger to present new offers to your visitors. A ton of this could be accomplished by perusing the dashboard for the affiliate programs you are currently using, whether it be Amazon Associates, Shareasale, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warrior Plus etc.

So using the the table below, you can click on the “Power Rank” icon on the Shareasale website in order to find new affiliate products that you can promote to your visitors.

Similarly though, most of the affiliate programs have this type of list that you can explore. Who knows, you may just happen to find the perfect offer to promote that could change your life in the affiliate marketing world 🙂

5. Make a keyword-list dependent on Affiliate Keywords:

While you are doing your keyword search, make sure you are focusing on informational, transactional and commercial keywords. You can read more about these type of keywords here.

SimilarWeb Keyword Research Tool

These are some of the keywors you want to look for:

  • Improve
  • Offer
  • Discount
  • Promo
  • Coupon
  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Alternatives
  • Compare

Normally, you stand a better chance of receiving more sales when you use these keywords.

6. Continuosuly build your reputation:

Your reputation will be quite possibly the most valuable tool in your central goal to bring in commissions on the web. It’s truly sound judgment. Assuming your visitors trust you and the material you give them, it will be simpler for them to believe the products you’re selling or driving them into.

In the event that you would prefer not to sell a product yourself, you can simply lead them to different websites, and just bring in commissions with leads. However, be cautious about how this deals with your standing. Continuously be certain that you’re driving your visitors to a dependable site.

7. Continuously work on driving organic traffic hy using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Receiving more traffic to your website will mean a superior possibility of selling more to your audience. It’s a standard that on the off chance that you need to boost your affiliate commissions, you’ll need to have a target audience.

You need to fabricate your website around drawing in your audience. You can do this by utilizing keywords or catchphrases, great content, the right photos, and more. You will stand a better chance of being found in search engines which means more exposure for you.

SimilarWeb Keyword Research Tool

Regardless of whether you’re inexperienced with affiliate marketing, you’ll discover that more traffic will make it simpler for you to boost your income or commissions with leads.

I would suggest that you use Bluehost to build your blog or affiliate website. If you want to know more about starting a blog, you can refer to my blog post “7 Steps To Start Your Blog Today”.

8. Use your conversion to decide on your actions:

As an affiliate marketer, you will consistently need to overhaul reliably consistently, consistently if needs be. You should put together these activities with respect to your conversion rates.

For instance, you have 400 guests every day and just 4 of them click on your product, at that point you’ll need to change the manner in which you are marketing your affiliate products. Think from your visitor’s perspective.

Two questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is there something on your site that gives your readers the urge to click and take action?
  • Is there something on your site that does not give your visitors the urge to click and take action?

Use these questions to guide you in making the changes you need to make.

You can also read my other blog post for more ways to increase affiliate sales, “10 Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Drive More Sales”.

These are some essentials which you can follow, yet I would recommend you complete good research about any products before you make the decision to promote.

Feel free to tell me in the comments some of the steps you have carried out that have boosted your commissions or sales. Do you have any tip that could help a fellow affiliate marketer? 🙂 🙂 <3

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