I’ve come a far way from being much of a pessimist. I used to think that I was not going to be able to do something good and everything that I do, something will go wrong. During my high school days, the first thing that would be on my mind, “oh I feel like I’m going to fail the test especially with Math”. The moment I start believing in myself I started to see changes, the less doubtful and negative I be, great things start happening.

As you can see the glass above, a pessimist would say that it’s half empty while an optimist would say that it’s half full. We all have a choice with the way we look at things. However, the best choice one should make is looking at things positively. If you give negative thoughts and feeling to the universe, it sure will come back at you. 
Give positive thoughts and watch yourself accomplish great things.

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Alecia Hall

Hi, I am Alecia Hall, the creater of “Brea-kin Barriers” and I am from St. Mary Jamaica. I have been a Customer Service Representative at Digicel Jamaica for over 4 years and started working as a Virtual Assistant on Fiverr in February 2020.

I have gained customers from the US, UK, Hong Kong, Barbados & my very own, Jamaica. Some of my tasks as a Virtual Assistant includes proofreading & editing, data entry, research, transcribing, handling emails, and more.

I started this website “Brea-kin Barriers” to offer several benefical services to my readers which includes:

Inspirational quotes and reflections
How to earn additional income online
My Virtual Assistant Services
An online Course: Your Breakthrough To Growth & Success: Shattering all negative barriers
And a step by step guide on How To Start a Blog

The term breaking barriers is something that I am very passionate about and I love to see persons rising to the surface, “shattering the glass ceiling” as they start to grow until they have reached success. I am one known for always encouraging others and is reliable when it comes on to motivation.

My favourite quote that I live by is “The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure to the end”.

The fastest one does not always win the race and the battle does not necessarily mean it’s for the strong. After all, I believe that sometimes you have to through a dark tunnel and sometimes life has to throw you lots of lemons before you can get grapes to make wine.

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