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Freelancing is the action of working for oneself rather than working for a company. Even though freelancers do take on provisional contracts for organizations and associations, they are independently employed. Freelancers manage a wide range of things that everyday employes are not, for example, creating their own work schedule, monitoring time spent on various undertakings, billing customers, and paying their own taxes.

When it comes to freelancing, there are various platforms in which you can apply to work as a freelancer and we will look at the best freelancing platforms of today as well as the type of jobs that can do on these platforms.

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Freelancing Platforms


Fiverr is named an independent commercial center and extends to numerous different employment opportunities and administrations. Fiverr is viewed as a miniature errand blog, much like different destinations like Taskrabbit or Thumbtack, and extends to numerous employment opportunities at equivalent rates.

A portion of the moral business administrations you can purchase or sell incorporate fake advertising, web-based media or blog posting, business card formats, content creation, and help with sites or advancements. Fiverr additionally offers some services that many thinks about it as deceptive. You can purchase counterfeit social media accounts ( Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter).

On Fiverr’s platfom, you can sell several services and earn extra cash. Below are some of the services offered on fiverr:

  • Virtual Assistance
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Transcription Services
  • Writing Services
  • Selling Digital Products

So you can sell a myriad of services or anything that you are good at, you can offer it as a service on the platform. Below is a screenshot of my gigs on Fiverr as well as my earning. The earnings shown in the phot are not my actual earnings as some customers have sent payments directly to me via paypal.

These are the gigs that I currently offer on Fiverr.

My Services Offered on Fiverr

This is a screenshot of some of my earnings on Fiverr. The amount shown as mentioned above is not my actual earnings as I have also received payments directly to my Paypal account.

Some of my Fiverr Earnings

You can even turn working on Fiverr into a fulltime job. It all boils down to the amount of time you spend on building your business and you can even find trustworty friends or people to build yourself a team to get more task completed. You can click here to create a fiverr account and start creating your gigs.

When signing up for a Fiverr account, you have the option to sign up as a seller where you offer your services to people and they will pay you to do work for them or you can sign up as a buyer where you can pay for services that you need.

Below are some of the services you can sell and purchase on the platform:

  • Graphics & Design (logo design, book design web design, gaming art etc)
  • Digital Marketing (social media marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, web traffic etc)
  • Writing & Translation (transcription, website content, resume writing, cover letters etc)
  • Video & Animation (inros & outros, logo animation, visual effects, slideshow videos etc)
  • Music & Audio (voice over, podcast editing, audiobook production, singers & vocalists etc)
  • Programming & Tech (convert files, mobile apps, web programming, e-commerce development etc)
  • Business (data entry, virtual assistant, lead generation, project management)
  • Lifestyle (fitness lessons, cooking lessons, travelling, life coaching etc)

So, as you can see there are a myriad of services that you can find on this platform. Additionally, you are able to sell and buy services as low as $5. However, using the platform has its pros and cons.

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Selling on Fiver


  1. You are able to make extra cash on doing task that you enjoy.
  2. The website is very easy to navigate.
  3. Fiverrs stage is genuinely direct, and you can turn into a specialist in finding what you need following a couple of moments. The Fiverr staff is available to impart any issues that you run over and reacts decently fast. Since endless individuals are on Fiverr, a large portion of your necessities can be settled after a fast Google search.


  1. Whenever you are just starting out on the platform, you would want to start out small with the pricing of your gigs and allow yourself to become familiar with buyers and clients while building your self and your profile. However, there will be a time when you may still experience a fluctuation of earnings.
  2. Fiverr deducts 20% of your earnings each time you deliver a gig and then it can be very annoying to wait 14 days for your payments to be cleared depending on your seller level (new seller, level 1 seller, level 2 seller, top rate seller).
  3. Same as how you have scammers everywhere, they also come on the platform as well. They will place an order and you have done the work but then take long to respond and some may even open a dipute or try to find a way so that you are not paid. I have never experienced this personally but it has happened to others. So be alert !!


Upwork might be a standout amongst other independent sites for looking for some kind of employment regardless of what sort of consultant you are. If you are in web development, graphic design, or freelance writing, you will find that Upwork has a lot to bring to the table. The apparently ceaseless feed of employment postings is persistently refreshed. From independent ventures to colossal partnerships, a wide range of kinds of organizations are hoping to employ independent architects through Upwork.

Upwork has somewhat of an expectation to absorb information when you initially get ready for action. You need to get familiar with the creativity to composing viable recommendations, and you may need to offer underneath your compensation rate to develop your criticism rating. Many independent positions are posted on Upwork, yet there’s a ravenous crowd vieing for them. Except if you’re an Upwork whiz, offering on a task that as of now has 30 proposition ordinarily isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits.

Below are some of the services you can sell and purchase on the platform:

  • Data Entry
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Service
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Support

Like Fiver, there are also various services that you can sell on the platform as well. Let’s look at a some of the pros and cons of selling on Upwork.

Selling on Upwork


  1. Upwork has higher paying jobs than other freelancing sites do because clients on the platform are more likely to pay higher rates for services purchased.
  2. You are often get hired quickly because most of the times clients are ready to start working.
  3. There is less hassle with getting your pay as you can easily link your bank account to your upwork account for payments to be transferred directly.


  1. There fees are very high. You have to pay to submit proposals and for each earnings, they deduct their service fee which ranges from 5% to 20% depending on the amount you earn.
  2. It can be difficult to get your first client because there is alot of competition on the platform.
  3. You will find that alot of clients do have small budget.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelancing site where you are able to connect to clients who woul want to hir you by the hour hence the the name, People Per Hour. Companies are able to outsource various projects to expats when needed.

Below are some of the services you can sell and purchase on the platform:

  • Design Services
  • Business Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Digital Market Services
  • Technology & Prgramming
  • Writing & Translation Services

We’ll now look at the pros and cons of working on this platform.


  1. People Per Hour has a dashboard that you can easily navigate as well as to monitor the hiring process. You are able to see your conversations, files and profiles in one location.
  2. It is budget-friendly as you are able to cost out non-basic work to an employment commercial center like PeoplePerHour and diminish your activity cost fundamentally.
  3. You stand a great chance of being matched based on your needs.


  1. You are cmpeting against a large number if freelancers worldide.
  2. In making your bids, there is not alot of adaptability with rates.
  3. Like Fiverr and Upwrok, they too take a percentage of your earnings.

In conclusion, Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour are just 3 of the many platforms that you can start working on. As I had mentioned before, it all boils down to the amount of time you put out in starting your journey of working online. The road is not easy as it can be very challenging and honestly, there will be days when you feel like quitting. But guess what, freshen up, go cool out a bit and pick up again.

Good luck 🙂

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